Assessed topics in year 10 science exam

Hello year 10 student,

In your upcoming exam 2nd/3rd/4th May you do not need to revise EVERY topic you have been taught so far as not all is going to be assessed in these papers, so speand your energies on these topics;


Topic 1 Key concepts in Biology (CB1 Key Concepts in Biology)

Topic 2 Cells and control (CB2 Cells and Controls)

Topic 3 Genetics (CB3 Genetics)

Topic 4 Natural selection and genetic modification (CB4 Natural Selection and Genetic Modification)

CHEMISTRY (Formulae, equations and hazards)

Topic 1 Key concepts in Chemistry (CC3 Atomic Structure CC4 The Periodic Table CC5 Ionic Bonding CC6 Covalent Bonding CC7 Types of Substance CC9 Calculations Involving Masses)

Topic 2 States of matter and mixtures – States of matter (CC1 States of Matter CC2 Methods of Separating and Purifying Substances)


Topic 1 Key concepts in Physics *

Topic 2 Motion and forces (CP1 Motion CP2 Forces and Motion)

Topic 3 Conservation of energy (CP3 Conservation of Energy)

Topic 4 Waves (CP4 Waves)

Topic 5 Light and the electromagnetic spectrum (CP5 Light and the Electromagnetic Spectrum).

Good luck! Happy revising.


Miss Harvey